Tatatrading: wholesale branded cosmetics 

Welcome to Tatatrading, Italian exporter of branded cosmetics, perfumes, makeup and hair care products.

Wide offer of branded cosmetics, fragrances, makeup and also hair care products. 100% quality from official producers or distributors. Our diversified portfolio includes selective brands and new additions to match consumers’ new trends. Just like a prodigious pharmaceutical brand: Nuxe Paris.

Nuxe Paris harnesses the powers of nature to make all women feel prodigiously beautiful. There’s no mystery behind Nuxe’s success—the brand simply delivers on its promises of Parisian natural beauty. Now available in our portfolio!

Our contact number: +39 0584 742922

Check out our portfolio and look for the brands you need. But before read something about us so that you can check our experience in the beauty industry.

Stocks of top brands available from time to time

MISS DIOR – The new Eau de Parfum by Dior. Now available in our portfolio #missdior

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